Deloris Frimpong Manso, better known as Delay, has declared that if she were a male, she would never date a lady who requests data because it irritates her so much.

Delay dislikes females who continually ask for data for whatever reason, and has resolved never to date one if she were a boy, but what about men who constantly ask for data now that she is a woman?

Some guys aren’t afraid to ask their women for data or anything they want, and Delay has made it clear that she doesn’t like them. Does this indicate that if the tables were turned, she would never date a man who continually asks for data?

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Some netizens who reacted to her article suggested that instead of ignoring a lady who continuously requests for data, they date her and purchase the data, but then teach her how to buy data for themselves, as Delay wants to do if she were a guy.

There’s nothing wrong with teaching your partner how to do anything, but when it comes to purchasing data for your spouse, Delay isn’t willing to make such a sacrifice for a time before teaching the partner how to purchase data on his or her own or the importance of not always asking.

See screenshot below;


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