Joeboy, the Nigerian artist, has stated that he was not expecting his current hit, “Alcohol,” to be as successful as it has been.

The Empawa artiste stated that while the song is not intended to promote alcoholism, he is pleased with how enthusiastically fans have responded to it.

“I think [Sip (Alcohol)] is very amazing for me, like watching how huge the song is getting and how big it’s going to go because it was like a different stride in my style from the beginning, which is more or less like this sort of “loving boy,” he said on the Verified by Genius show.

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“I was always put in that box and thought to myself, ‘Nope, I’m done with this.’ I’m not implying that it’s a terrible thing; I simply wanted to experiment with different sounds. “Alcohol is the first stage in the evolution of my music,” he continued.

Joeboy, who is renowned for being ‘heavy’ on love songs, admitted that he was anxious about the song’s release.

Joeboy was apparently unhappy when his “Celebrate” song was mostly ignored by fans last year.

In comparison to Joeboy’s earlier songs, fans did not completely embrace ‘Celebrate,’ which sounded nothing like a love ballad.


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