Veteran Ghanaian rapper, Tic Tac now Tic is advising his fellow Ghanaian musicians to stop putting so much money into the music industry in their own country.

According to the rapper, music is one of the riskiest industries to work in since an artist might be successful one year, and then “no one will want to hear you the next.”

“Don’t spend all your money on music trying to boost Ghana music,” he stated in a recent interview on Starr FM, “because the same Ghanaians would let you down when the time comes for them to mention your name and steal what is rightfully yours.”

During an interview with Bliss Kingg, host of Starr FM’s ‘Drop Off,’ he mentioned that “I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve worked for more than two decades. “Music alone will not make you wealthy.”

Tic also took use of the opportunity to caution industry stakeholders about being cautious and learning how to rapidly debunk incorrect rumors about them. “If someone says something negative about you. He added, “You need to come out and disprove it.”

The Ghanaian rapper began his career in music in 1997, when he joined the group ‘Natty Strangers.’ His skill gained traction in Ghana after solo appearances with Azigiza, Slim Buster, and Dassebre Gyamena.

In 1999, he released ‘Philomena,’ his debut album, which had songs like ‘KKBK’ and ‘MMAA 4MULA,’ which topped the Ghanaian charts for many weeks.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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