Bismarck Essel, better known in the entertainment sector as ‘Atemuda,’ has revealed that he was not compensated for his role in the ‘JunkaTown’ film.

When asked if he wasn’t paid for his involvement in the series by Angel 102.9 FM’s Quofi Kyeame on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, he said, “nothing I get…,” implying that he didn’t get anything.

He has not, however, regretted joining the JunkaTown series as it launched his career, he added.

According to him, Takoradi, the capital of the Western Region, was not “functional” (sic) on the entertainment front before the release of “JangaTown,” but following the release of “JangaTown,” Takoradi was recognized.

He went on to say that despite not making any money, he was content because he knew he was “creating a better tomorrow.”

Atemuda stated that he was honored to be a part of such a prestigious series as JunkaTown.

The team was able to produce a variety of programs through JunkaTown, including ‘Vow of quiet’ and ‘Tanganyika.’

During one of their editing sessions, he had the chance to appear in the film, he claimed.

He narrated the scenario, saying he was co-producing amusing films with a buddy named ‘Sunsum,’ but on that fateful day, the producers saw his skill and gave him a chance after seeing two of the videos.

He claims that he now makes a livelihood through his YouTube channel.


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