Reggie Rockstone Replies Synclerk
Reggie Rockstone and Synclerk

Accra-based Radio Presenter cum MC, Synclerk has been able to draw the attention of hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone after he hipped some praises on him for staying relevant in the game for more than two decades.

Syclerks post on Facebook drew the attention of the legendary rapper after Synclerk recounted how he first met Kenny Ice and how still Reggie Rockstone remains relevant even after hearing he’s the father of hiplife since childhood.

In the FB post Synclerk wrote:

The #Mid9tDrip…Far back 5,6,7, 8,910years still on, YOUTHS of the GREAT AFLAO adviced me to go for Keeny Ice instead on the Bill for my #makavohotel Artist show, thought it was a joke, My Team got finalized with Flyers out display before I met KEENY by then DENU JUNCTION at an Internet Cafe so young then. I admitted hearing of him but NOT knowing him in person.#KeenyIce is a Rap god for GH. cum VOLTA MUSIC today and to my surprise, Reggie Rockstone who was said since my childhood as the FOUNDER of Hiplife Music GH. still cocked up floated and NEVER giving up in the RAP GAME, legendarily playing hot shows supposed to the young BOYS to be playing for their CHOP MONEY clearly emphasis to me that this MUSIC GAME will be more tough and harder to penetrate cos even the LEGACY LEGENDS are NEVER ready to leave the LADER of INHERITANCE for the YOUNG ONES to climbOnly the STRONG & the TRUE GIFTEDS shall sustain.#synclerk1 MC/DJ #GSERecords

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And replying to what the Synclerk Wan wrote, Reggie Rockstone Replied:

There is no inheritance when it comes to the gifts bestowed from JAH.  what young folx are sposed to do is draw inspiration and live a healthy good life! My mind is intact kum body and soul is why I am still here looking good doing good.  I find this generations vibes in the “entitled” mode tho! If u are hot enuff and have yo shit together eventually u will get acknowledged! Not all will become stars or super stars tho! That is real bless up

MC/DJ Synclerk is the official Dj for Granted soul Entertainment, #GSERecords.

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In other news, Highlife Grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone has lost his cool and called out a netizen over an ill comment he passed on a post made by the Rufftown Records singer, Wendy Shay.

Recall, Wendy Shay sparked reactions on social media after she posted a seductive video on her social media page. The video captured the singer  in a skimpy shorty with a cropped top flaunting her heavy curves to tease her male fans,

A fan upon coming across the seductive content published by the singer issued some threats against her, telling her that he will rape her since it has been her aim to arouse their sexual fantasies with her curvaceous body.

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Wendy Shay in response to that called on the Ghana Police Service for the immediate arrest of the fan, claiming that she is being subjected to cyber threat, thus the fan needs to be apprehended immediately because her life is in…. Continue Reading


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