For the umpteenth time, rapper has demonstrated that he values his fashion and entire image and never sacrifices quality.

has maintained his sophisticated image and has seldom reduced the level when it comes to his clothes, despite the fact that these high-end outfits normally cost an arm and a leg.

According to reports, put on a pricey drip worth about $60,000 (roughly GH395,000) for his Non-Ling Thing music video, according to reports.

That is really insane!!!!

This is a breakdown of ’s drip and the cost of each piece of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Let’s get started.

1, Casablanca Art of Racing Print Shirt – Our checks reveal that bought that for $925 (GH¢5823.99)

Casablanca Art of Racing Print Shirt

2, Casablanca straight-leg tailored merino trousers – Our checks reveal that Sarkodie probably bought that for $944 (GH¢5943.61).

Casablanca straight-leg tailored merino trousers