Sarkcess Music boss and father of two, Michael Owusu Addo, also known by his stage name , has made an unusual post on his Twitter page, making people wonder.

In the early hours of March 15th, the rapper, who many describe as a staunch supporter of the New Patrotic Party (NPP), revealed his plans to stay indoors right after returning from abroad after spending some time overseas. 

Netizens over the months have slammed the rapper for keeping silent on what is going on in the country but would have released a song if it was the NDC in power. He was forced to share his thoughts on the E-levy brouhaha going on in Ghana now, saying it is a good initiative by the government only if employment is provided to the youths to help them pay.

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However, Obidi Pon Bidi has commented on an issue on which we all assumed he would remain silent because he does not want to make the ruling NPP unpopular.

Revealing his thoughts on what to do when he arrives in ghana, he wrote;

Staying indoor when I touch down GH … Zoom calls only … #FuelPrices