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“Woy3 Aponkye” – Mr. Logic To Those Asking Him What He Has Done For the Music Industry



Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr. Logic, the former manager of Vybrant Faya (RIp) and entertainment critic, has slammed Black Sherif fans who have asked him to name some of the things or hit songs he has written for any music so far.

According to the controversial man, if you want to know what he has for the Ghanaian music industry, go and ask your favorite artist from 1995. His comment came after some fans of Black Sherif attacked him for critising the favorite's music.

Not long ago we reported Mr. Logic claimed on a radio program that “Kwaku the Traveller” focuses more on his dispute with his prior management, highlighting how ungrateful Black Sherif was to him.

You may believe I despise you, Black Sherif, but I'm not a hater.

” I consider myself a critical observer. Either that or you return to the vibe you've been giving others. Keep a dry vibe for yourself and don't send out similar sentiments to others. “We're not ready for any songs that use the F-word,” he stated.

Watch the video of going hard on Blacko's fans below:



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