Afia Schwarzenegger finally reveals why Delay became her worst enemy (Video)

Afia Schwarzenegger has at last revealed to Beef Nation why, despite becoming famous through Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay), she hates her so much.

Unquestionably Ghana’s most contentious female celebrity, Afia, was unexpectedly invited on the most recent episode of United Showbiz by returning host Nana Aba Anamoah, where she finally revealed why she had been feuding with her patron for so long.

Delay allegedly failed to compensate Afia Schwarzenegger for her work on the canceled Afia Schwarzenegger TV series, which is unacceptable in view of the fact that she popularized the program.

She expressed her frustrations in the manner captured in the UTV video posted below.

From the foregoing fans hit the comment section to slam her for biting the finger that once fed her.

One of the conspicuous comments we came across was from Missy Leo who noted that Afia is a blatant liar whose past and future won’t be complete without Delay’s name hanging loosely around her neck. 

She posted;

“Without Delay she has no story. First she used to give delay money and feed her then delay didnt pay her then again delay is barren so what is your story on delay again. This one is confused.”

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In other news, Media star AJ Pounndz recounted how she nearly ended her own life eight years ago due to a broken heart.

On the Delay Show, she detailed her experiences. According to her, the man who had immigrated from Ghana to Germany was overjoyed to learn of her pregnancy, and they both looked forward to becoming parents.

Their argument, along with the man’s mother’s desperation to keep her from marrying his son, stressed their relationship to the point that the man abandoned the child.

“He was so happy I told him about the pregnancy. But he wasn’t there [throughout] the pregnancy,” AJ Poundz said.

Source; Dklassgh.Com

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