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Lots Of Ghanaian Talents Are Shortsighted And Want Things Done Overnight – Jay Foley



Jay Foley

The radio and television personality Jay Foley has disclosed that he left his position due to a number of factors, including the ego and shortsightedness of the artists.

The disclosure was made by during a one-on-one interview with George Quaye on Joy FM's Showbiz A-Z, when he discussed the reasons why he had left a career that he had previously cherished.

“Some [artists] have let me down because of ego, vision, and trust.” Many of these talents are naive and want things right away or within 24 hours, which doesn't work, he said.

According to , it is essential for artists to get a thorough understanding of the music industry and its related dynamics. He compared the relationship between an artist and their manager to business procedures where companies “hire specialists to perform the work for them and trust these professionals to get the job done.” Trust is essential.

He noted that “many of these capabilities are shortsighted.”

Jay Foley claims that because he has a lot of knowledge and experience that other artists haven't yet attained, he has learned that managing artists is all about managing people, which takes time to get the desired outcomes. It appears that turning the situation around in a short period of time is nearly impossible. That is to say, Jay is not a magician.



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