Highly spiritual signed artist Lasmid, has explained why he chose to sing primarily in English in an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye via Showbiz on Property FM.

He said, “Big shout-outs to Papa Kaywa because sometimes he likes that I do my Fante raps.” “I didn't plan with my management to sing largely in English.”

“But I think that maybe if we make the songs such that everyone in Africa can understand them, at least like with English, everyone understands,” he said.

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Not everyone will be able to grasp the Fante language since some people who speak Twi do not even understand the Fante language, he continued.

We came to the conclusion that if this is the case, why don't I perform all of my songs in English? Because sometimes people from other tribes who don't understand Twi will understand you perfectly when you speak English.

He added, “So that everyone who doesn't understand the Twi or Fante will at least comprehend my songs in English.”

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