Akumaa Mama Zimbi

On March 13, 2023, the host of Odo Ahomaso Akumaa Mama Zimbi said in an interview with Neat FM that she has endured verbal harassment numerous times for broadcasting her se.x education program on Adom TV.

She claimed that several pastors and community members called her a “Krobo prostitute” and accused her of using the aforementioned program to corrupt Ghana's young.

She continued by saying that the program's goal is to spread sex education to everyone in society rather than harming the nation's young in any way.

“I have attended a number of events where people have left my side after claiming that doing so will force their kids to pay attention to me.

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“People didn't want to be around me; they claimed I was evil, even some ministers of God…

Many people believed that I was coming to end the world because they believed that the “Krobos” and “Damgbes” were prostitutes.

She gave the following advice: “I'm telling you that, give good training to your kids the time the individual starts menstruating.”

Advise her to avoid sleeping with males so she doesn't become pregnant and drop out of school.

“Let me tell you, in our country, aunts and aunties have shattered the virginity of their own nieces, and some fathers have had sexual relations with their own children.”

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What did you tell your daughter, what did you tell your son? It's happening,

Odo Ahomaso is the standard. She emphasized

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