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You Need To Stay Stingy To Be Rich – Akon



The best method to stay wealthy, according to well-known artist Akon, On his visit to the Impulsive Podcast, he made this disclosure.

, the famous Senegalese-American singer, declared in the interview that he was the world's most frugal person.

He proudly proclaimed himself to be “the stingiest man on the planet” and implied that being frugal is essential to preserving riches.

underlined that maintaining financial discipline should come first in order to remain wealthy.

He described his own personal experience with owning a private jet, which only lasted six months due to the outrageous maintenance bills that exceeded the cost of the real jet.

“Whatever you do, do not own a [private] jet. Bro, owning a jet means spending at least 2–3 million dollars a year just for upkeep. You spend more on the maintenance than the actual jet cost,” he said.

“This is the advice I give everybody. The money that you have now has to last you a lifetime. When you reason it that way, you are going to be very prudent. he added.



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