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“Nowadays, Your Money Will Determine How Your Song Will Reach The Peak” – Wendy Shay



Wendy Shay

The success of songs in the modern music industry is influenced by a number of aspects, as has discussed. She explains that successful songs require not just creative talent but also significant financial commitment and efficient marketing.

She expressed this viewpoint in an interview with UTV Showbiz last week, saying that successful songs in the modern music scene rely not just on their quality but also on clever marketing, financial backing, and the use of several channels to garner interest and expand their fan base.

emphasized that in today's music industry, a song's likelihood of becoming a hit depends on its marketing and promotional efforts in addition to the funds allotted. The customary method of depending only on traditional media for marketing and promotion, in her opinion, has become

“The new era of chalking a hit song has become capital intensive, unlike the days when conventional media promotion did the job, but now times have changed and the music space is choked with different platforms available.”

She said that in the digital era, musicians must look outside of the box and try new things in order to produce a successful song—many of which involve a large financial outlay. It may be difficult for a song to stand out in the music industry since there is fierce competition and a constant stream of new releases.

“A lot of musicians are in the system now, and within a week there are over 200 newly released songs. The space is choked, and gaining attention to the music is shared due to the number of songs on the airwaves. So your money will determine how your song reaches its peak, not forgetting a special grace.”

“Every available music platform now is capital intensive, even the new digital spaces like Tiktok, Playlisting, et al., and even those who push the song; however, gaining back your investment is likely possible depending on your intensive marketing.”



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