Is KiDi suffering from liver cancer? - Worried fans ask

Superstar KiDi from Ghana has acknowledged that the diaspora offers tremendous support to Ghanaian musicians. According to him, there are other nationalities as well as Ghanaians residing in those nations that provide support.

In addition to expressing gratitude for the support he and other Ghanaian performers receive, he revealed this on the Day Show with Berla Mundi and said that more effort must be made by all parties concerned for success.

“What I took away from that is that many of the Ghanaians residing there normally make things happen for us when we visit. It's all love when they go to the performances.

“However, I discovered during our most recent European tour that we had visitors who weren't even Ghanaians, and that gave me hope that there must be something we're doing well.”

“We may not be doing it perfectly, but we are making progress. We simply need to keep working at it,” he revealed.