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Becca Donates 2,000 Dollars To Moesha Bodoung’s GoFundMe (Screenshot)



Becca Donates 2,000 Dollars To Moesha Bodoung's GoFundMe

The $10,000 GoFundme that Moesha Boduong is presently running has received praise for , a Ghanaian artist, for her apparent $2,000 donation.

Many on the internet are certain that is the donor behind a gift made to the fundraiser by Rebecca Acheampong.

Becca's true name is Rebecca Acheampong, and she contributed $2,000 to the fundraising to aid Moesha's family with the unexpectedly high medical expenses following her stroke.

Becca Donates 2,000 Dollars To Moesha Bodoung's GoFundMe

After that, social media users praised Becca for her love and generosity.

This occurs in the context of several celebrities being brought down for their lack of assistance to Moesha Boduong.




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