Precious Agbenya aka Emperor Blade (young political activist) in the largest opposition National Democratic Congres ()has alleged that businessmen and market women said they regretted voting for the ruling npp government because one import duty is very high and they cannot clear their container at the port.
Some businessmen quoted that under NDC a cable of one container is cleared at thirty eight thousand Ghana cedis (38,000)but in this current administration that is npp government that same container is cleared today at the cost of seventy thousand Ghana cedis (70,000)and they can’t understand.
And now in the maket,their customers cannot afford to buy because they also have to increase the price if not they will loose completely and that cannot also affect their business and also can destroy their homes!!
Market women,especially those in Makola,Kaneshie,Agbobloshie and Asafo market also said NDC is best and they will pray 2020 NDC is back to power and when ask why,they said NDC is very optimistic and they sell well well but under this government npp even transport fare to go back home is a big problem at times!!
They added that NDC and government we are sorry for voting you out because we were deceived that business will do well if they re voted into power and so many promises which we decided to try them and see and we seen it already!! We market women are ready to campaign for NDC to come 2020!! #Longlive Ghana #NDC is coming like kakai!!

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