Musician has come at the various female artistes who have failed to work on the brand beyond the borders of Ghana.

According to her, Ghana has only two Internationally recognized female artiste describing herself and the others as local champions.

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To her, it is about time people stop giving themselves titles and work beyond their recognition in Ghana because an artiste's craft cannot be limited to just where she is based.

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whose rise to fame was swift addressed the non-existing “beef” these female artistes try so hard to create in order to remain relevant and said they are unnecessary but rather, there should be a focus on how better their craft will be respected.

Not too long ago Eno Barony subtly jabs Sister Afia and describes Freda Rhymz's diss track as Wele

Fantana maintained that these moves are tiring and should therefore not be encouraged because it's not really interesting like they think it is.

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