Award-winning Ghanaian gospel songstress Celestine Donkor has recounted her embarring moment when she was young in the music industry.

I’m a shy and timid type, Celestine Donkor said on Accra-based Joy FM but she went on to say the shyness and timidness are fading away since she is growing in the industry.

She said on the show “I did not have much mingling with people…in groups and all like that. I was most comfortable with my family then so when I find myself with different people the timidity and the shyness showcases”.

Relating when she needed to sing in chapel interestingly, she revealed “my mum knows what we do at home and the manner in which we sing and reach out. One day she was so sure and put me on the program at the chapel and requested that I compose my name. I resembled alright I will do it. She stirred me up and when I arrived, the second I got onto the stage all that I practiced, each tune I practiced vanished”

As per the performer, her main petition was for the ground to swallow her to save her from that shame thinking about how she floundered.

“I was really bashful”, she focused.

Asked how she emerged from hesitancy and bashfulness she reacted “we outgrow things. Life experience School really formed me since you go to class you settle on your own choices. I engaged in ensemble and amusement.”


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