Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, also known as MzVee, the Ghanaian artist, has challenged society to stop putting pressure on unmarried women to marry.

Marriages aren’t sold in stores or simple to come by, according to the artist, therefore society should stop putting pressure on women to marry. MzVee added that for a person to get married, it takes time and everybody’s timing for marriage is different.

“On social media, some people say things like, ‘You’re getting old, get married,’ ‘When will you get married?’, ‘Be here and brag [about] this and not get married,’ but I don’t listen to those people,” she explained.

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“It’s my life, it’s her life – whoever it is,” she said, “and they decide what they want to do with it, and marriage isn’t the end of the world, so, yes, everyone’s timing is different.”

Meanwhile, Ghanaian highlife sensation Kuami Eugene has appealed to Tiktok users who are typically seen rocking to other nations’ music to record more videos with Ghanaian tunes.

Most social media stars, particularly on Tiktok, are not commonly seen utilizing Ghanaian music or participating in song challenges from Ghanaian artists, according to the ‘Rockstar.’

“Our elderly folks did their best with highlife, the fact that we have a genre called Highlife that was preserved by our older folks, we shouldn’t criticize them for their contribution, it is our responsibility to continue on the heritage,” h...continue reading

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