Becca, the multi-award-winning singer, has revealed some details about where her first money from the music industry went.

Becca had a lot of success with her breakout hit, “You Lied to Me,” which featured Kwabena Kwabena. Her debut studio album Sugar, which was released in 2007, included the song “You Lied to Me.”

Becca carried the light for fremale musicians in Ghana a few years ago, leading innumerable women empowerment initiatives and discussing how important women are in her music.

Her music and talent have helped to empower a lot of women.

Becca said in a recent interview with Angel fm that she was able to purchase her first property, a vehicle, using the money she earned from her hit song “You Lied to Me.”

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“Well, I got a couple things for my family members,” she explained. I didn’t spend much money on myself. I was always making sure that everyone was safe out there.”

“Aside from that, my car was the first property I purchased as a property.”


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