Zap Mallet
Zap Mallet

Emmanuel Mallet, popularly known as Zapp Mallet, the veteran Ghanaian music producer, has asked the German Embassy to assist him in leaving the country.

The music producer has resorted to Twitter to express his uncertainty regarding his true identity. Zapp Mallet claims that he does not feel like a Ghanaian, but rather a German citizen.

In a series of Tweets seen on the music producer’s page, he stated that he believes he is a German-born guy stuck in the body of a Ghanaian, and that he requires assistance to migrate to his true homeland.In a series of tweets, Zapp Mallet pleaded with the German Embassy in Ghana to assist him in returning to his homeland. He went on to say that the difficulties he is having in Ghana are due to his ancestors’ failure to care for him, which is why he wants to return to his origins.

He wrote:

Feel I’m a German trapped in a Ghanaian body…I’m appealing to the German embassy to help me come out of this Ghana body oo…

I’m just being myself. If identifying who I offend the ancestors then I’m sorry but do they know my struggles in this land? Are they concerned? Mk I think. German embassy, hear my appeal.”


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