reno omorki

, the well Nigerian novelist, has left yet another potent nugget for males.

This is one of his tidbits related to the wedding process. He thinks that women are born with an innate desire to avoid any type of pain. They don’t want to suffer as a result of their marriage.

They put their attention to the future in most circumstances, where they have serious ideas for their offspring, but this does not make them a gold digger.

Men shouldn’t marry, according to the former Presidential adviser, if all they have to confront in marriage is love. He went on to say that money must be accompanied with love before a marriage can be considered successful.

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Taking to Twitter, Reno wrote;

Dear men, No woman wants to marry to suffer. It does not make her a gold digger. God put that desire in her. She is not just thinking about herself. She is thinking about the children. If you’ve nothing but love, don’t marry. Wait until you can add money to love!