Media personality has stunned the public once more by revealing that she previously exploited her body to pay off a GHC 5,000 charge.

appears to have done everything in human history that has to do with s*x at this point.

We’re taught the cops are our friends, but they haven’t been her friends, according to Korkor.

Korkor admitted to being detained once for carrying a roll of cannabis in her backpack.

She was given the option of paying GHC 5,000 or going to jail.

Because she didn’t have the cash, she chose to pay in kind, which worked out well for her. She went on to say that her companion had to pay GHC 300 before she was released.

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Korkor wrote: “In Ghana, we say police is your friend. The police has not been my friend. “Once upon a time, I had a blunt in my bag, I didn’t even know it was there. Police said 5000 cedis of jail!!! “I did ‘humble virgin’, my friend accompanying me ended up paying 300 cedis. “This Ghana everything be business. I have wisdom now I used to have knowledge. “Power is power,”