In a long message on Twitter, recently confessed to reckless driving on the Okponglo road, where he also had a confrontation with a University of Ghana student.

According to ’s lengthy Twitter message, he drove recklessly near the University of Ghana, Legon, last year and nearly had his name tarnished by a student who attempted to videotape him while delayed in traffic.

A Trotro buddy wanted to trash him when the traffic light turned red, but when he saw it was , he held his calm, only for the Legon student to get down and start abusing him.

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He went on to say that those around him at the moment got down and grabbed the student’s phone, preventing him from sharing the footage on social media.

Well, as they say, there are two sides to every tale, and the student in question has revealed his.

The student with the name Dave001 recounted the events of that fateful day in a Twitter thread.

According to Dave001, what claimed was made up and included no truth.

He labeled a “bloody liar” and said that when the unexpected happened, he was smirking in the front seat and never apologized.

Fameye was accused of stealing Dave001’s iPhone 8, and a police report was made at the Legon Police Station.

Read his full post below;

“Fameye has told you all his story. It’s now time for me to tell mine. Lying to the whole world it was last year when everything happened on Sunday 9th January at Okponglo around 5pm.

I was heading to Legon campus with my friend to pick up something when this black Toyota Camry with a DV plate just cross [sic] our trotro on the Shiashie highway… I died for the first 3 seconds because the driver had to hit full brakes, and we all flew from our seats.

The driver of the Camry started switching lanes running away after what he did, my first though [sic] was that was a Legon student driving cos reckless was an understatement. That was suicide driving… the Camry was stopped by the traffic and me, my friend @NanaAppiah100 and the driver rushed to the Camry to confront the driver for the foolishness. [The] driver went and saw it was Fameye …Fameye claims he apologized?? HE IS A BLOODY LIAR [sic]. HE WAS SMILING IN THE FRONTSEAT, NONCHALANT.

That really annoyed me cos you try and kill me, and you say nothing about that? His team in the car said nothing to all waiting for green light to drive off.. I took my phone and began filming for evidence because I can’t get away like that. His boys dropped and attacked me, hit me, they hit my friend and tried to steal his phone too though he wasn’t recording .. Fameye himself then got out of the front seat attacking the driver asking him NA CAR BEN NA WOTWI?

He and his team drove off after, and we filed a police case immediately at the Legon Police Station.

He stole my iPhone 8, yh it means nothing to you but it meant the world to me, and you took it…

It happened on the 9th of January 2022… Sunday, 5 pm at the Okponglo traffic stop.”

Source: Dklassgh.com