Moesha and Baby Maxin

has claimed that Mcbrown’s daughter Maxin would be a wonderful leader like her mother and that no one would look down on actors as a result of her.

has been prophesying into the lives of celebrities for some time now, and while some people don’t like it, it doesn’t stop her from doing what she needs to do, and now she has prophesied into the life of Mcbrown’s daughter Maxin.

She claims that Maxin,as she claims, will be a wonderful leader like her mother, McBrown, and no one will criticize or judge the actors for doing the same things ordinary women do, and she will begin to talk about how males made them feel horrible.

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then revealed that she is going to start a TV program to affect people’s lives all over the globe, and that no one will ever be jealous of her since everything she does is from God, and that people will come to believe in God again as she has.

Some internet users believe is just trying to get things off her chest and is pretending to be a divine prophecy because much of what she says is related to her prior lifestyle.