Fella Makafui

, the Ghanaian actress and wife of rapper AMG Medikal, has taken to Twitter this early morning to thank the Almighty for saving her life after she was rushed to the hospital yesterday.

According to Island’s mother, everything happened so fast that she thinks everything would have come to an end for her if it was the opposite.

In a series of twitter posts, she revealed what happened to her yesterday as she thanked the almighty for her life and also advised her fans and followers to take care of themselves first.

She wrote;

I saw my life flashed before my eyes yesterday !! The whole thing happened fast and if it was the opposite i think that would’ve been it !! Went to work healthy and was rushed to the hospital in the afternoon.I woke up today grateful for life and most importantly learnt to

Take care of myself first before anything!! I need to make time for my health,live life with no excuses (which I’m used to” ..I don’t want to die one day and regret not doing all the things I wished to do while i can !! Moral lesson of the day “TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST “ !!❤️

Source: Dklassgh.com