Alpha Hour

An image showing Chief Alpharian Pastor Elvis Agyemang’s financial officers calculating large amounts of cash after a church service went viral, and as a result, the man of God received criticism earlier that day.

Invoking the names of God and the Bible, the founder of the Grace Mountain Ministry is alleged to have demanded money from his congregation.

Some members of the Alpha Hour family’s financial staff were busy counting heavy offertory that had been gathered during one of their church services when this specific image was taken, which has drawn attention and elicited conflicting opinions from the public.

The man of God has now spoken out about the entire controversy after becoming distressed by the serious charges that he has used the name of God to coerce money from helpless people.

The man of God revealed for the first time in his address to his congregation on the entire unfolding drama that he has never spent a dime of the tithes and offerings he gets.

According to the man of God, all of the money he collects from the congregation is then donated to society.

The man of God continued by saying that he assists several financially distressed families and pays the school tuition for hundreds of orphans. He also offers monthly allowances to numerous widows.

He said that his older sister is the one who usually provides him a portion of her monthly pay, and that’s what he depends on to feed himself and his family, when asked how he survives without touching any of the offerings or tithes.

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