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I’ve Positively Contributed More To Nigeria Than Those Contesting For The Presidency – Burna Boy Fires



Burna Boy, the well-known artist from Nigeria, made fun of a critic who criticized him for being uninterested in politics in the general election of 2023.

He explained that he was not vocal about the election since he does not support any of the three major candidates, and the critic had berated him after hearing this.

also claimed that he did not publicly support any candidate because he did not want to be held responsible if the candidate is unsuccessful in winning the election.

The critic apparently held the self-styled “Odogwu” in high regard for his political position and chastised him for remaining silent about a significant event in Nigeria despite profiting from his advocacy songs.

The critic claims that 's brand does not correspond with his actual activities because he has never stood up for the underdogs.

Burna Body responded by sliding into the critic's DM and criticizing him for picking on him. He claimed that the songs he had written about Nigeria had not been financially successful for him.

The Grammy Award winner asserted that he has made more beneficial contributions to Nigeria than any of the three presidential candidates, and that he thus has every right to silence his detractors.

Burna penned:

“Why una mumu like this? First of all sir. Out of the hundreds of songs I have, there are only about 7 songs about these topics and they barely made me any money at all. #2. l've positively contributed more to Nigeria than you and all 3 candidates combined and neither me nor my parents have ever taken a kobo from the government for any reason. so I'm more than qualified to tell people like you to shut the fuck up when vou don't know what your talking about.”



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