Ernest Opoku

Ghanaian gospel musician Ernest Opoku, in a recent interview on Hello FM's entertainment review show, recounted how his song raised young Lad from death.

According to , he doesn't feel that any of the songs he has released come close to ‘Onyame A Otease'.

He said that the song had been given to him by God himself and that it had struck him while he was attending a seminar and a mother had come to tell him that her son had passed away.

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Ernest claimed that once the mother told him this, he advised her to have faith and trust in God because the son would resurrect from the grave.

He continued singing and praising the Lord when, to everyone's amazement, he suddenly began singing the hymn “Onyame A Otease.” The kid immediately started coughing and came back to life.

Because the song spontaneously came to him, Ernest Opoku said, he was only able to record it in the studio and polish it after receiving the tape from someone who had recorded him during the aforementioned program.

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As a result of God giving him this specific song, he concluded, the song's creator saw to it that it became a worldwide smash, and it is now his biggest hit.


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