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I Will Just Get Squad To Beat Anyone Who Emerges As My Lookalike – Oseikrom Sikanii



Oseikrom Sikani

, the current face of Ghanaian music, stated in a recent interview with Aba Guy Guy on Original TV that he has little patience for impersonators who try to adopt his distinctive image.

highlighted in the interview that his brand should not be taken lightly since he has unique features that make it hard for others to effectively replicate him. He acknowledged that there was a resemblance but said that since this person knew who Oseikrom Sikanii really was, he or she would never dare pretend to be the artist's impostor online.

According to Oseikrom Sikanii, “These lookalikes target the brands of specific musicians, but when it comes to my brand, they should know better than to play with it.”

“They interact with others who support such behavior. Who is it that denies I have a twin? I do, but he is wise enough to refrain from making light of the situation and outwardly claiming to be me. If he does, I'll get up several opponents and beat him up.



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