The seasoned musician and entrepreneur from Ghana has made it very evident that she did not persuade her kid to reject the existence of God.

In a recent interview with Okay FM, stated that her 10-year-old kid obtained his information online.

She was very clear in saying that she was unaware that her son was looking up this kind of information online.

Previously, Kwame Adepa, also known as Okomfo Black, the son of Mzbel in Ghana, declared that he doesn't think God created mankind; rather, he thinks that humans were given birth by other humans.

He claims that the only thing he recognises is that he was created by his mother, Mzbel, and not by any other supernatural human being.

In a recent interview, Okomfo Black made this claim while disparaging Christianity, which is the predominant religion in Ghana.

In response to the query, Who created you? “My mother did; she gave birth to me,” the 10-year-old boy retorted. I think science has shown us that humans are not created; they are born. I also never got to see God as my mother or father—that is, if humans were created in the first place.