Braimah Kamoko, aka Bukom Banku, a good friend of says the missing Artiste is dead. During an interview with Nana Kwame the host of OC Showbiz Review on Skyy Power FM in Takoradi, Bukom Banku quizzed the presenter (Nana Kwame), “ die.
Where country he dey? Show me the country Castro dey if he no die”. According to the maverick Boxer, “Masa, Castro is a popular man, if Castro dey America, Dubai, any country, people will see him, Castro he die!” Probing further, Nana Kwame grilled Bukom Banku,
“But his body has not been found so you can’t say he is dead.” Bukom Banku responded, “Oh what body, they killing people. River are killing people they no see am. We all need Castro in the nation, if he no die where is he?”.
“If Castro no die, where is Castro? Almost two years now. He die, he die, don’t mind people”. Bukom Bank authoritatively disclosed.
Today marks exactly two years Castro and his female friend, Janet Bandu mysteriously disappeared during a jolly skiing on the Ada River.
Source : NsromaMedia