Baba Kuboye - Yawa

Fast rising Nigerian Act, , shares his new single “Yawa”. On a mid tempo groovy beat, shares insightful thoughts about the many sufferings of black people around the world.

Until the injustices and cruel treatments pipe down, the call for reverse of the numerous racial profiling, disrespect and killing of the Black Community will continue. 

Making reference to the years he spent outside of Africa, he gives an insight on what Africans face in Europe and America. On “Yawa”, Baba Kuboye emphasizes on the fact that black lives matter, making a case for numerous black people who have suffered violence across the globe.

Baba Kuboye, the prolific Nigerian signer is unafraid to add his voice to this ‘mess’. In his latest song “Yawa”, he reiterates on the countless and even ‘unrecorded’ ill-treatments meted out on Africans.

As if the huge global wave on “Black Lives Matter” in 2020 wasn’t enough, there are still gory stories of such kind recorded on a daily in The West and even within African countries where foreigners maltreat Black People. 

“Yawa”, though not your vituperative kind of song one would expect still carries the powerful message of these injustices, thus, calling for a stop to all of it. 

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