Reggie Rockstone, the father of hiplife, has stated that, unlike some of his peers, his legendary reputation in the music industry will never cause him to go penniless.

Reggie said on Saturday, September 18 on Skyy PowerFM that his impact on the Ghanaian music business is immeasurable.

According to the ‘hip-life grandpapa,’ he was able to secure his position in the African music industry by introducing hiplife, and as a result, he will remain relevant indefinitely.

Reggie Rockstone reacted to veteran actor Sam Adjetefio’s conduct of publicly requesting help to meet his requirements.

“With what I’ve given to music via hiplife, I’m a legend in the history of Ghanaian music and Africa at large,” he says. I’ll always be that person, just like Daddy Lumba, Amakye Dede, and Kojo Antwi, whether I perform music or not. There are certain people who will always be remembered for their contributions, whether they are living or dead.”

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Reggie went on to say that the way he conducts himself has earned him a lot of respect.

He explained, “I don’t use my social media name for trash and attention-seeking; instead, I offer a lot of wisdom there to teach the kids about real life.”


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