Berla Mundi, the Ghanaian media figure, has asked the public to desist from placing undue pressure on single individuals to marry.

When young individuals like herself are asked when they will get married or why they are still single at a comparatively older age, the TV3 presenter finds it rather perplexing, according to her.

According to Berla Mundi, these inquiries emotionally deplete and impose psychological strain on those who are asked them.
Berla Mundi, in a tweet, requested an immediate end to these queries, stating that marriage is a personal decision and that inquiries regarding why someone has chosen to remain celibate or unmarried for life should not be promoted.

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‘You are ageing. When are you going to marry?’ ‘Oh, you got married? Congrats. When are you having a baby?’ Dear society, why do you keep asking these? Do you think of the emotional and psychological pressure you place on these people.. she wrote.

Berla Mundi is one of the country’s most beautiful bachelorettes, despite having had a pretty good career as a broadcast journalist.

Marriage must not be rushed for her, so people who continually interrupt her serenity and sleep with queries about when she will marry should be considerate of her mental health.


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