Kumerican rapper Kweku Darlington is planning to sue an upcoming artist named Ikan for allegedly stealing his song Sika Kankan, claiming that the song was written by him.

The upcoming artist Ikan shared his freestyle a few hours after releasing his song Sika Kankan, insinuating that Kweku Darlington stole his song because he shared his freestyle on his page a long time before he released his song.

Kweku Darlington, on the other hand, has claimed that the music is his. According to the complaint, he created a freestyle of the song in March and even published it on WhatsApp and Snapchat in April, indicating that it is his property.

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As a result, the future artist has seven days to withdraw his statement and apologize to Kweku Darlington via all of the media he used to accuse him of copying his music, failing which they would have no choice but to take him and his management to court for compensation.

Kweku Darlington is adamant that the song belongs to him, and the stated Ikan has also claimed ownership of the music; thus, we wait to see if he will withdraw in order for peace to prevail, or if he will be adamant and take it to court.

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Source: Dklassgh.com

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