Mr. Beautiful, the Ghanaian actor, has implicitly endorsed the legalization of LGBTQ in Ghana, stating that we should give them what they want and let them deal with the consequences.

The legalization of LGBTQ in Ghana has been a contentious subject, with some in favor and others opposed, and Mr. Beautiful has implicitly placed his weight behind it, urging that we give them what they desire.

In an interview with Sammykay, Mr. Beautiful stated that individuals who choose to sleep with their fellow men do so of their own free will, and it is their decision; thus, we should give them what they want, and they will face the consequences when the time comes.

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It is their right, he claims, and they choose to exploit the backs of their fellow man when God has provided us with a lovely place to enjoy ourselves. Mr. Beautiful maintains he isn’t homosexual and doesn’t know anyone who is, but we should give it to them if that’s what they want.

Mr. Beautiful’s comment that we should offer it to them is an indirect endorsement for the legalization of LGBTQ in Ghana, and some people will be unhappy with his proposal.

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