Empress Gifty, the well Ghanaian gospel singer, has asked married women how they will treat their husbands if they discover they are having extramarital relationships.

According to the song, if a married lady discovers her husband having an intimate relationship with their closest friend, will she continue to fulfill her wife’s responsibilities by feeding him when he is upset or completely ignore him?

One of the things that married women should be worried about in most relationships is how their husbands interact with other women, particularly their acquaintances. In most circumstances, the husband targets his wife’s closest friend, especially if she looks to be more elegant than his wife.

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So many marriages and relationships have been damaged, torn apart, and taken over by people who used to be the wife’s greatest friends.

Empress Gifty has asked married ladies if they will continue to love their spouses after discovering them having an affair with one of their best friends.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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