Reggie Rockstone

Hiplife Grandpapa, has revealed his desires for his corpse once he passes away.

During a recent interview with Andy Dosty, the renowned Ghanaian media personality, , revealed this.

When he made this announcement, he was reacting to the loss of his buddy and colleague, DJ Rab Bakari. Rab was one of the people nearest to him, according to him, and he had lately spoken with him.

He stated in his submission that

My best friend was DJ Rab Bakari. He grew up with DMX and was so passionate about that he died on the country’s independence day.

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When you think about honesty, DJ Rab is the one who comes to mind. Rab’s best quality was that he was never depressed. He was fascinated by the idea of life and death.

When I die, bury me. I’ve always understood that tomorrow isn’t promised. But it’s the suddenness of it that gets to me. “

Rab Bakari, a DJ, died on March 6, 2022, only a few days after his 55th birthday on February 14. The majority of ’s entertainment industry professionals have responded to his passing.