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My Mum Warned Me About Being A “Follow Follow”, Showing Off Or Falling In Love With A Karishika – Mr. Eazi Reveals



Mr. Eazi

Popular Nigerian singer Mr. Eazi recently posted a video in which he discussed the three cautions his mother offered him as he went through life. 

He said on his Instagram that these cautions played a significant role in developing his personality and pointing him in the direction of a successful life. 

His mother originally cautioned him to refrain from being a “follow-follow.” 

This meant that he should think independently and base his judgments on what he believed to be correct, rather than following the crowd or being swayed by others' behavior. 

The second caution was to not spend all of his money on showoffs and to instead concentrate on making sensible financial investments and securing his own financial future. This was meant to warn him against being excessively preoccupied with outward appearances and pleasing others. 

The third and possibly most fascinating warning was about falling in love with a “Karishika,” a name used in Nigerian mythology to refer to a witch who has the ability to influence and control people. 

Ms. Eazi warned her son to avoid being enticed into a relationship with someone who might be detrimental to his future.



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