Reggie Zippy’s ex-wife, Edith Ward breaks silence on their divorce
Reggie Zippy’s ex-wife, Edith Ward breaks silence on their divorce

After releasing an emotional letter about their divorce, Edith Ward, the ex-wife of Ghanaian artist who resides in the UK, has responded to his ex-husband's charges.

Having been married for 15 years, the pair had already divorced. Reggie said earlier this month that his wife Edith had filed for divorce because, despite raising three children together, they were unable to coexist.

On Friday, August 18, 2023, Reggie unexpectedly announced their divorce on social media, stating all the terrible names his wife had been calling him, like wicked, irresponsible, selfish, abusive, manipulative, us*less, etc.

He claims that while he accepts all of the accusations leveled against him, he is merely relieved that he is now free to date another woman who will value him.

She claimed he frequently boasts about it, mistreats her emotionally, and denies their kids financial support.

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Reggie Zippy's ex-wife, Edith Ward breaks silence on their divorce
's ex-wife, Edith Ward breaks silence on their divorce

But his wife has now answered and made an effort to explain. Despite being married for three years, she alleges that Reggie Zippy has been seeing a white lady.

Reggie's ex-wife wrote: “I walked away after you betrayed and walked away from our covenant (marriage). Lies, deceit, constant cheating, years of alcohol and financial abuse that made me end up working day n night to save my family… my love, care n patience still were not enough for u to stop it all. So I decided to save myself and my children from hell…..” she told her over 7,000 Instagram followers.

“I walked away and never turned back! Now continue to live ur life happily with the “white” (as u like to brag it to me) woman u had been with for the past 2-3 yrs whilst still married, start providing for ur kids and stop creating this false narrative online to make me look bad.

“I have tried to be the bigger person for a long time and have kept quiet! Now I have had enough too and hope you can put stop to this constant emotional abuse! #THRUTHALWAYSPREVAILS #ENOUGHISENOUGH”

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