Rapper Sarkodie has once again come under the open fire of , who has called him disrespectful and deceitful.

The reggae-dancehall performer stated his dissatisfaction. During an interview on The Day Show with host Berla Mundi, Sarkodie was asked about his lifestyle, particularly his associations with more experienced musicians.

disclosed that he had requested a partnership from Sarkodie but received an unsatisfactory reaction. When asked about it, Samini asserted that Sarkodie sidestepped the subject.

He said in the interview, “You can't take Samini lightly anyhow.” Until he expresses regret and comes to me to advise, ‘Be like the way I do Badman,' I be like ano try, Badman vex, and come and make ano say, ano try,” he added.

“Until then, he and I won't be cool,” he continued. He is a liar who will make the public believe that he doesn't know what he is saying on Twitter when he actually knows what he is saying, and then he comes to you and asks you questions, to which you are unable to respond.

Source: DklassGh.com