Bisa Kdei, the popular Highlife singer, has proven that despite his multiple successful songs, ‘Asew,’ released in 2018, is his most popular.

Bisa Kdei said on the Kastle Entertainment Show that, in addition to the song’s virality, he made a lot of money through internet streaming services.

“You’ll be surprised if I tell you where the music has gone and how far it has traveled. Asew has progressed to the point that it has provided me with a solid income and is also augmenting my revenues. If you go on the internet, Asew is at the top, and I’m not just talking about YouTube; I’m talking about other platforms as well, like Spotify and others, where my Asew song is the most popular,” he said.

“My biggest song to date is Asew, but when I mention it, a lot of people are astonished. People are shocked when I claim Asew is my biggest song, but I don’t only focus on Ghana,” he continued.

Bisa Kdei’s song “Asew” will be included in a Netflix Christmas movie called “Jingle Jungle” sometime in December 2020.


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