Shatta wale and stonebwoy
Shatta wale and stonebwoy

The arrest of Shatta Wale and Medikal was a topic of conversation for the whole week. Some Ghanaians praised Inspector General of Police George Dampare for his vigilance and bravery in apprehending anyone who disobeyed the law, regardless of their social status or influence. Others chastised George Dampare for treading on several shoes and overstepping his bounds while performing his duty.

On Bernard Avle’s Point of View broadcast today, Stonebwoy discussed his fellow musician Medikal and Shatta Wale’s recent arrests.

Bernard Avle questioned Stonebwoy, “They have started arresting musicians, are you worried?”

Stonebwoy responded by acknowledging that many individuals had been detained under Dampare’s government as well. He said that when his friends were arrested, he regarded it as routine. However, he claims that musicians were arrested with greater hurry and speed than any other occupation. As examples, he referenced Chris Brown and other well-known musicians.

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He stated that he had witnessed musicians sweeping and gardening the Ashaiman area as though they had nothing better to do because they had been detained. He went on to say that, as a result of his colleagues’ arrests, he has opened his eyes and committed to being extra alert in order to avoid falling into any set trap laid by the authorities or his opponents. He urged his colleagues in the music business to do the same.

“Musicians aren’t the only ones who have been detained. What I’ve noticed is that they arrest musicians all around the world much more quickly than you might expect. Chris Brown had also been detained. Many of my coworkers had completed community service and swept while supervised. You can probably guess what happened. Actually, I’m more cautious now. You must be cautious as a person to prevent getting into problems.”

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