Okese 1
Okese 1

Because of the inhumane treatment, he has got in the music business since he began performing, the rapper has pledged to be Ghana’s most wicked musician.

The CEO of the “Amotia” gang has made good on his pledge to show up in the music industry.

Since the beginning of his professional career as a musician, Okese1 has been moaning about the lack of support he receives from the music industry.

Even though he has hit songs and is doing well in the industry, the rapper still feels that no one cares to support him.

The industry players, he claims in a recent post, have posed a conundrum for him. And if he can solve it and make it a big deal in his career, he’ll display his nefarious side.

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Okese1 came to social media to tell that the Ghana entertainment business has caused him problems, but that he would eventually overcome them. He is going to be Ghana’s most evil artist.

The rapper, who has been doing everything on his own and with no help, posted his statement on Twitter. He composed:

 Gradually Gradually if I solve this music puzzle  that the industry players have set for me … I WILL BE THE MOST WICKED ARTIST IN GHANA  Thank you ladies n gentlemen 

See screenshot below:

Source: Dklassgh.com

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