Blakk Rasta
Blakk Rasta

, the Ghanaian media celebrity and political pundit, has made an unexpected disclosure about himself that has sparked controversy.

The radio DJ stated that he had never used marijuana in his life, despite being a strong supporter of its legalization in Ghana.

During an interview with Abeiku Santana, revealed this stunning statement. People are unaware of the benefits of marijuana, according to , and hence blame those who use it. He went on to say that people should abandon their condemnation of marijuana users.

“It’s true that I’ve never smoked pee.” Wee isn’t only for smoking. You were taken aback the first time you learned I didn’t smoke weed. The enthusiasm stems from the fact that so many people are unaware of the importance of pee. As a result, when they hear about it, they declare, “The insane people have arrived.”

“Wee isn’t about going insane or smoking c. You’ll be startled if I tell you what I use wee for,” he told Okay FM anchor Abeiku Sanatana. He said a

pleasant response takes away rancor in the book of psalms, and it’s also in proverbs, he said, explaining why he had to apologize to Parliament after making a remark that they used marijuana.