Certain godly men use seduction techniques to attract attractive young females to their churches.

In an interview with Accra-based radio station Kingdom Plus FM, Prophet stated that certain single men of God who are anxious for a wife utilize methods and sophisticated ways to find beautiful females in their churches to choose from.

During prayer sessions, when everyone’s eyes are closed, these pastors stand in front of the congregations and occasionally roam among the congregations to locate these young, attractive females who meet their taste and desire, according to .

On the other hand, Prophet believes that some pastors’ actions backfire since most of them end up marrying the wrong person, resulting in marital conflict.

Prophet stated that some men of God are more interested in the outward looks of women than in their dispositions, resulting in hasty weddings. offered gospel musician Brother Sammy as an example, claiming that he was solely concerned with his wife’s physical looks, which is why his marriage is in trouble.

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Source: Dklassgh.com