Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson, the Ghanaian actress, and producer, recently spoke with Accra-based Power FM about her opinions on love and life.

According to her experiences, she said that love was a hoax since it was typically conditional.

She replied to the presenter, “What you see on the TV is acting,” before discussing the subject of love: “Love is a scam (in reality), and we all know it, isn't it so?”

She said, “I believe love is a con because we are all liars.” If someone talks about love, they are probably looking for something—be it money or sex—and since it's conditional, it's a con.

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According to her, males frequently deceive women by using the term “love” as a cover. “It is simply a means of telling you that I want something from you, and so they just use the word love, and it is typically the ladies getting deceived by the guys,” she said.

She said, “Love, I'm sorry, I'm not there yet,” in response to a point-bank question regarding whether or not she was in love. I used to love it, but it was almost ridiculous. “It's a scam,” she insisted.

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Source: Dklassgh.com

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