Camidoh, the Ghanaian singer, revealed in a recent interview that his smash hit sugarcane has made him a lot of money.

To make “Sugarcane” a top-charting song throughout the world, and his team put a lot of money into it, but he feels that they should have gotten more in return.

Camidoh recently spoke to Zeinat on Ameyaw TV, and he said:

“For starters, it is cool, but I could have made more; I'm actually not satisfied—not to say I'm ungrateful—but I could have made more.

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“The whole point of my life and my career is to inspire other people, and I'm really kicking on making sure that everything I do inspires people and not to throw dust in their eyes, don't cap, just keep it real, so I feel like I've made some cool money, which is obviously going back into my career, but I could have made more.” 


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